Hospitality / Event Services

Provides qualified cooks, dishwashers, back of the house staff, concession workers and event service employees.


Provides a responsive, flexible method of meeting both general and specialized clerical staffing needs, either with individuals, or complete work teams.

Payroll Services

Provides payroll, HR, and benefits outsourcing. Let us do the work so you could focus on what’s most important to you, and that is running your business!

Light Industrial / Labor Services

Provides skilled and semi-skilled personnel for all phases of manufacturing and assembly, warehousing, packing and shipping , custodial, and general labor operations to include construction labor.

On-Demand Services

Provides “Just - in - Time” staffing capabilities by offering a single employee or a complete project work team on short notice. Our On - Demand services can fulfill your staffing needs within hours and provide round - the - clock service.

On-Site Services

Provides total management of temporary staffing at our customers facilities. Mile High Staffing designs a customized plan with systems, staff and procedures to handle all aspects of workforce management including: on - line time and attendance, recruiting, screening, staffing, employee orientation, safety training, scheduling, management reports and all other H/R functions.